Blue Pattern

The Datalogz Platform

Datalogz leverages already proven open source data catalogs and re-engineers them to focus on collaboration, data literacy, and cloud adoption. We believe data knowledge lives with the data consumers and we have created ways to extract this information to drive data democratization and productivity at any company. 


Data Discovery 

Data discovery is more like a Google search. Analysts simply type in the keywords of the data they’re looking for, and instantly receive high-quality, relevant data resources across the entire company ecosystem.


Data Documentation

Every piece of data retrieved now comes with supplemental information such as the name of the creator, a clear description of the dataset, usage stats, data lifecycle information, an overview of the most-used schema fields, and more.


Extract Tribal Knowledge

Insights with data live with the people who use it. This means that the only people in your organization with a comprehensive understanding of your data are your superusers and your legacy employees. Datalogz moves this knowledge to a central, collaborative place. 

Deployment Options


Your data stays with you. Deploy Datalogz within your AWS or Azure environment. Kubernetes Cluster. Dockerised Deployment. Deployment takes less than 10 minutes.