How it works


Connect Data

Connect to your data warehouse, BI Tools, and messaging channels to curate the most robust data discovery experience.

Crowdsource Metadata

Data insights live with people using data. We extract and organize this information. Create and store metadata to improve analyst data efficiency. 



End Data Confusion

With data insights easily discoverable, data scientists and analysts can now quickly find and understand the right data. No more data onboarding meetings, searching for a domain expert or aimlessly emailing the IT department. 


Discover & Understand Data

Make all your data and meta-data instantly discoverable. Analysts and data scientists can reduce the time spent searching for data and trying to guess your internal data acronyms invented by someone that left six months ago. Data catalogs can reduce the data science workflow by 40%.   

Build A Meta-Data Repository

Meta-data can be trivial knowledge, definitions, past work, or even common questions about a dataset. Datalogz goal is to collect organize and distribute this meta-data. Datalogz uses micro-surveys targeted at your data consumers to crowdsource the most accurate and robust meta-data. Meta-data will speed up data understanding and onboarding.

Data Lineage & Governance

Discover what data comes from where. How is each field in your data created? Also, control who in your company has access to what data. Manage data access requests, quickly route the data requestor to the correct team, and assist with access control across your data ecosystem. 

Find The Right Data

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BI Tools

Directly link to BI tools to store your insights with the data

Data Warehouses

  • Tableau

  • Looker

  • Spotfire

Data Warehouses

Integrate with most data warehouses to keep your data up to date

  • Amazon Redshift

  • Apache Hive

  • Google BigQuery

  • IBM DB2

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MySQL

  • Oracle

  • PostGreSQL

  • Snowflake

Communications (Coming Soon)

Source meta-data via communication platforms for quick entry

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Slack

Any data catalog can scrape your data lake, but Datalogz mimics a social network to facilitate more meta-data collection. 
Insights with data live with the people who use it.

Get Started


Ideal for any company working with a data warehouse.

  • Integrates with most data warehouses

  • One place to catalog, discover, and understand data

  • Unique social UX increases collaboration

  • Cloud or on-prem deployment

  • Robust Meta-Data Sourcing

    • Data definitions

    • Common questions

    • SQL Queries, Dashboards, Python/R Scripts

    • Data quality scores

    • Data perception continuity tracking 

Free Version

Ideal for small teams with less than 10 data tables.

  • No technical lift required

  • One location to organize your team's data

  • Manage data notifications (i.e Data Construction)

  • Organize meta-data including

    • Data definitions

    • Common questions

    • SQL Queries, Dashboards, Python/R Scripts