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about us

Our story

After years of frustration of not being able to find the right data and dealing with outdated documentation once found, we decided that there had to be a better way to centralize documentation and tribal knowledge within the data itself.

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That is why Datalogz was founded to solve a problem so many face on data teams across all industries.

Datalogz Team

Data should be understandable and usable by anyone within an organization.

This is exactly what Datalogz is enabling data teams to be able to do.


Meet the Team

Logan Havern Datalogz CEO
Logan Havern
CEO & Founder
Razvan Furca Datalogz CTO & Co-Founder
Razvan Furca
CTO & Investor
Tina Bhatia Datalogz Growth
Tina Bhatia
Pablo Lerdo Datalogz Growth & Strategy
Pablo Lerdo
Zaheer Ud Din Faiz Datalogz Developer
Zaheer Ud Din Faiz
Prat Kiran, Datalogz Developer
Prat Kiran
Elena Craciunescu Datalogz Developer
Elena Craciunescu
Rehan Momin Datalogz Developer
Rehan Momin
Ryan Grosso Datalogz Advisor
Ryan Grosso
JJ Cramer Datalogz Advisor
JJ Cramer
Growth Advisor

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