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After years of frustration of not being able to find the right data and dealing with outdated documentation once found, we decided that there had to be a better way to centralize documentation and tribal knowledge within the data itself.

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That is why Datalogz was founded to solve a problem so many face on data teams across all industries.

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We’re creating the future of business intelligence ops and are on a mission to end BI and analytics sprawl.

We believe in having visibility into BI and reporting environments to empower companies to be proactive in data analytics. Imagine, a world where analytics are accurate and reporting is reliable, so impactful decisions can be made with confidence.

Check out our awesome team working on bridging gaps in business intelligence! 

Meet the team

Executive leadership

Meet the Team

Logan Havern, CEO of Datalogz
Logan Havern
Tina Bhatia, Head of Business Development of Datalogz
Tina Bhatia
Business Development
Pablo Lerdo, COO of Datalogz
Pablo Lerdo
Ryan Grosso
Jillian Burns, Engineer at Datalogz
Jillian Burns
Robert Charkowicz, Engineer at Datalogz
Robert Charkowicz
Pushkar Kathuria, Engineer at Datalogz
Pushkar Kathuria
Raj Whadwa, Engineer at Datalogz
Raj Whadwa
Guido Dobboletta, Engineer at Datalogz
Guido Dobboletta
Derek Hecksher, Engineer at Datalogz
Derek Hecksher
David Troll, CRO of Datalogz
David Troll
Jim Cushman, Advisor at Datalogz
Jim Cushman

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