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Results of a recent study of over 23,000 data professionals found that data scientists spend about 40% of their time gathering and cleaning data

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Datalogz can cut the data discovery and understanding process from days to seconds


Ninety percent of business leaders cite data literacy as key to company success, but only 25% of workers feel confident working with data at a company

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Datalogz gives user the confidence needed to increase adoption and usage to drive actionable insights


Up to 73% of Company Data Goes Unused for Analytics

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Datalogz unlocks this data to make it discoverable and usable


For an organization of 1,000 workers that are dependent on data, the inability to find and understand the right data at the right time costs that organization $22m a year

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Datalogz collects and manages metadata to eliminate this time lost


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Leading tech companies rely on tools like Datalogz

Data without context is often meaningless and can lead to ill-informed and costly decisions.

Chris C Williams


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If data discovery is time-consuming, it significantly increases the time it takes to produce insights, which means either it might take longer to make a decision informed by those insights, or worse, we won’t have enough data and insights to inform a decision.

Andrew Maher


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Discovering data sources, getting their complete lineage (i.e., how those data sources are produced and consumed), consuming them irrespective of their formats, locations and tools, and managing their entire lifecycles consistently has become a real problem.

Sriram Krishnan


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At this scale and pace of growth, a robust system for discovering all datasets and their relevant metadata is not just nice to have: it is absolutely integral to making data useful at Uber.

Luyao Li


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Run your data team like the big tech companies, instantly and without the cost

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