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85% of BI and analytics projects result in failure. Confusing reporting environments lead to costly mistakes and regulatory risks.

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$3.1 Trillion

Reporting mistakes cost $3.1 Trillion according to IBM *

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of reports and dashboards go unused. Every refresh costs you money. On top of this, how many premium licenses are going completely unused?


On average, 18 unauthorized data pulls are attempted daily at a mid-size company.

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Leading companies rely on tools like Datalogz

"Datalogz excels in enhancing and revolutionizing Power BI environments by offering a seamless solution that efficiently streamlines and centralizes all of our Power BI metadata. With a user-friendly interface, it effortlessly consolidates our reporting inventory, datasets, users, usage statistics, calculated columns and measures, most used queries, among many other things, providing a comprehensive and organized platform for enhanced data management in Power BI. A must have for organizations seeking optimal efficiency and clarity in their business intelligence environment and processes"

Taso Plagiannis

Director, Data & Analytics, Gateway Services Inc.

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“Partnering with Datalogz has opened up another dimension of value capture for us in the BI space by giving us an unprecedented level of clarity and control over our BI environment.”

Luke Rouquette

Director Analytics Innovation, American Bureau Of Shipping

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"Datalogz is an essential tool for BI excellence; not only do they reduce BI cost by reducing BI sprawl, their diagnostic capabilities reveal the roadmap for BI optimization, from skills building to consumption, and the BI governance features ensure that democratizing BI development delivers continual business value at an accelerated velocity to drive better decision-making and measurable financial impact."

Nick Kramer

Vice President, Applied Solutions and Analytics, SSA & Company

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