Instant Data Discovery

Help your team find, understand, and document data like leading tech companies but without the complexity.

Built for data analysts. Reduce time spent on data discovery and exploration.

We like to say that insights with data live with the people who use it. This means that the only people in your organization with a comprehensive understanding of your data are your superusers and your legacy employees. So even the best and brightest new analysts on your team still have to ask colleagues what a certain set of fields in a table is referring to, or whether the data is up-to-date, or how to put it in a workable format, or how to make sense of department-specific acronyms. With Datalogz, anyone can easily access and understand data within a matter of minutes.

Discover Data

20% of a data analyst's time is spent on data discovery according to Lyft. Datalogz reduces this by 95%.

Increase Data Literacy

According to Gartner, by 2020, 50% of organizations will lack sufficient AI and data literacy skills to achieve business value from data. Datalogz increases literacy by providing a framework for anyone to understand data.

Increase Data Adoption

With proper data documentation and a clear data environment, self-service analytics is enabled. Data analysts and business users alike can feel comfortable and confident working with data.

Faster Onboarding

Data roles are a new paradigm of work. Organized and defined data can reduce onboarding down to days rather than weeks.

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Built by data analysts. For data analysts. 

For all the fanfare about democratization of data, the reality for most organizations is that even trained analysts and scientists struggle to access and leverage the data needed to achieve revenue, operational, and growth goals.


It doesn’t have to be this way for you. While your competitors are stumbling around in the forest in the dark of night, flashlight batteries dying and hope receding, you can be the chopper pilot with the high-powered spotlight and 10,000-foot-view.


We can make your data an easily-discoverable, accurate single source of truth. We look forward to helping you leave your competition in the dust!

Built on top of Amundsen 

Amundsen is the leading open-source data catalog. Datalogz is built on top of Amundsen with all features and propiterary additions. Deployment is automated and no IT-lift are required to start with Datalogz unlike using Amundsen on your own.


First Launched at Lyft


Adopted by data teams


Companies use Amundsen


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Unlock Your Data

How much easier, faster, and more efficient would it be, if all the analysts and data users across your company could search for what they need and instantly find it?