Datalogz Presents its New BI Ops Solution at Berkeley SkyDeck’s Demo Day

Oct 28
3 minutes

Berkeley, CA: The leading innovator in the data and business intelligence sectors, Datalogz, recently presented its novel BI Ops solution at Berkeley SkyDeck’s Demo Day.

Berkeley SkyDeck is a high-tech entrepreneurship startup accelerator and incubator program at the University of California, Berkeley serving as a joint venture between the Haas School of Business and Berkeley College of Engineering.

Berkeley SkyDeck accepts just over 1.5% of startups that apply for each of its cohorts. Cohort companies receive $200,000 in funding, $750,000 worth of free and discounted resources, and access to SkyDeck’s unsurpassed network of UC Berkeley alumni, faculty, and advisors.

"Berkeley Skydeck was a transformative experience for Datalogz. We had exposure to more customers, and we were plugged into the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Plus, we were able to identify a massive problem around BI Ops that is not currently solved by any company today," stated Logan Havern, CEO at Datalogz.

The Datalogz BI Ops solution addresses the colossal problem of BI sprawl for data-mature organizations. ‘BI sprawl’ is a serious issue that arises when data mature companies reach an unmanageably high volume of reports being created. 

BI sprawl can impact an organization in three ways:

  • Risks. As data sprawls out of control, it’s much harder to protect and manage adequately.
  • Costs. Reporting mistakes cost the US $3.1 trillion every year.
  • Compliance. Lack of security and access controls lead to rapid copying and propagation of data throughout the organization and beyond.

Datalogz solves for BI sprawl by plugging into the metadata and logs from BI tools to instantly identify duplication, misreporting, inefficient queries, anomalies in usage, and unwanted costs. It is the first-of-its-kind platform that can bridge the gaps arising from BI sprawl within a company.

“Berkeley SkyDeck has been an incredible resource for us. In a short amount of time, the SkyDeck team has brought us into contact with the broader Silicon Valley network and helped us establish new relationships that have already created new opportunities for our business,” said Pablo Lerdo de Tejada, COO at Datalogz.

“SkyDeck gave us an incredible opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s most innovative startups solving real problems in data, crypto, robotics, biotechnology, and so many more,” added Tina Bhatia, Head of Business Development at Datalogz.

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