Data Dive #1: Data & Art

Oct 19
2 minutes

Hey Data Geek,

Each day, we produce 2.5 quintillion or 2.5 million trillion bytes of data! This amount is greater than ever, thanks to recent technological developments and the World Wide Web’s user base of over 4.2 billion.

But, art and information technology are still widely perceived as evolving in two conflicting worlds. However, tech-savvy digital artists, developers, and researchers have produced innovative, inspiring multimedia art in almost every medium in recent years.

Data may appear unnatural and tedious as raw digital material, but it has spawned a new breed of artists. Data artists specialize in making the invisible visible through artworks, utilizing cutting-edge data visualization methods to show the viewer something that numbers alone cannot.

Data art is a creative practice that relies on using a dataset to convey emotions to the audience. The artistic piece’s construction has a more objective truth to it because it is based on data rather than just the artist’s imagination.

The foremost stage in the world of data art arises from data visualization. As more and more organizations are compelled to develop visually amusing and striking ways to classify and present data, data visualization has evolved into a fundamental discipline.

Nevertheless, this still-emerging aesthetic movement offers a fresh perspective on the more ‘mathematical’ and rationalist society we now inhabit. As we continue producing data at astronomical rates, it is safe to assume that data art, as a discipline, is here to stay and prosper.

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