Let's talk about BI Governance!

Sep 24
3 minutes

Did you know that nearly 87% of business intelligence and data projects fail?

BI governance is a collection of strategies, practices, and infrastructure that enables a business to get the most out of its business intelligence initiatives while maintaining security, data privacy, and audit controls.

Effective BI governance is at the foundation of every successful BI strategy. Even though many businesses have implemented some type of BI governance, the majority lack a comprehensive plan that strikes a balance between participation, data management, and authentication protocols.

Due to the strong demand from businesses to use data in most of their decisions, BI solutions have developed quickly over the last few years. Many enterprises have invested in reporting tools like Tableau, Looker, PowerBI, and more. However, they lack an adequate BI governance framework.

Slow-moving central BI teams force the business to adapt and develop workarounds or methods to get the analytical support it requires. It makes BI environments feel like the wild west. Numerous new reports are produced with little oversight or control over what is being produced.

These workarounds could reduce the solution’s flexibility and augment complexity, further limiting its ability to scale and increasing the likelihood of false reporting.

Following the disastrous experiences of BI programs and project management teams completely swamped with BI use cases, which resulted in irate BI users and a loss of credibility for the BI solutions, governance is non-negotiable.

One way to deal with these issues and alter the strategy for BI development and operations is through BI governance.

Datalogz is a BI Ops solution that enables teams to bridge the gap in their business intelligence environment.

Instead of turning your BI environment into a lawless frontier with reporting problems and compliance risks, Datalogz wants to assist you in monitoring, enabling, and controlling it. Everyone has been there; now is the time to implement BI governance!

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