Datalogz Unveils Datalogz Cloud to Help Users Unlock their Full Data Potential

Mar 29
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Datalogz Cloud is a data knowledge management platform that helps teams leverage data as their most valuable asset.

New York, USA: Datalogz, the pioneering data management solutions provider, has unveiled a renewed version of its platform, Datalogz Cloud, to empower a broader user base to unlock their full data potential. Datalogz Cloud is a free and ready-to-use data management and documentation platform that offers a comprehensive alternative for data users to make data more understandable and insightful.

Datalogz Cloud replaces the need to document data in Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or Notion boards. It creates one centralized cloud workspace that is engineered to speak with your data and provide a comprehensive and collaborative documentation environment. 

The New York-headquartered startup is the brainchild of founder and CEO Logan Havern, who had started the company back in 2020 after witnessing the inefficiencies in the data management processes at his previous workplace while working as a data analyst. He realized that finding data within an organization was like finding a needle in a haystack. Additionally, understanding that data was an even more challenging undertaking.

A brief research would highlight that a third of the average data scientist’s job is finding and understanding data, and 80% of data projects have some issue preventing actionable business results. Datalogz provides a better way to centralize documentation and tribal knowledge within the data itself.

“With Datalogz, data discovery is more like a Google search. Analysts simply type in the keywords of the data they’re looking for within their ecosystem and instantly receive high-quality, relevant data resources ready for immediate use in the analysis. They don’t have to wonder if the data is outdated or spend hours or days searching it out and guessing its meaning. They simply get straight to work uncovering the insights that keep driving their business forward,” said Logan.

Datalogz can connect to over 30 databases and business intelligence tools to enable anyone within an organization or the workspace to find, understand, and use data correctly. It uses AI-powered recommendations to increase project quality and reduce workflow inefficiencies. Furthermore, it provides high-level data views to help identify profit-boosting opportunity zones.

The platform leverages knowledge graph technology and python to create a data discovery and metadata engine. That has ready-to-go deployment, enhanced collaboration, data governance capabilities, out-of-the-box lineage, and customization options based on unique business needs.

Datalogz Cloud is the first fully-cloud native data documentation platform built for business users and collaboration. It allows teams to centralize all data assets, including databases, BI tools, metrics, and work in one singular data management workspace. Any data user can contribute to their company’s metadata repository and help centralize data tribal knowledge. Datalogz Cloud is putting an end to outdated documentation and overwhelming data environments. The days of spending hours looking for data and guessing what it means are over. 

“We’re very excited to go live with Datalogz Cloud after almost a year of customer research and development. This product category has been restrained by large IT lifts and constraints, preventing data teams from performing at their best. We’ve turned the traditional model upside down by putting the power in the hands of the business to document, use, and understand data.” added Logan.

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About Datalogz

Datalogz, through its SaaS offering, enables data users and teams to transform data into a more understandable and usable asset for anyone within an organization. The platform fosters data discovery and understanding to provide users with the confidence they need to increase data adoption and usage to drive actionable insights.

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