In data we trust, do we?

Sep 22
2 minutes

“In God, we trust. All others must bring data.” ~ W. Edwards Deming, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and consultant

But do you really trust your data? What does trusting your data even mean?

Data trust is the belief that the data in your organization is sound and ready for use.

Only 35% of executives, according to a KPMG study, have a high level of trust in the data held by their company, and this distrust is growing over time.

Data trust issues are widespread across all industries and can be classified as either technical or cultural. In a PwC study, data owners’ concerns included data leakage and theft (34%), data quality (34%), privacy risk from authorized data processing (29%), and data integrity (31%).

Organizations must automate auditing, evaluating, and cleaning their data to achieve data trust. Data infrastructure that considers both human and software processes is necessary for a comprehensive data trust solution. Datalogz can be your savior in this situation!

Everyone benefits from reliable data, both technical and business users!

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