Is BI Sprawl keeping you up at night?

Sep 20

Let's face it - more reports, more mistakes!

Typically as BI environments expand, teams are at a high risk of making reporting mistakes. As a result, new security risks from data propagation in BI emerge, which add to the costs arising due to a lack of optimization in the overall BI ecosystem.

Let's break it down.

For business users, this creates confusion - where to find what! Finding reports to make certain strategic decisions or to plan starts with the report itself.

It is highly inefficient! What's worse is that multiple reports can have conflicting data more often than not. So, what to trust? That's when the users ask the data folks to create 'NEW' reports, which perpetuates the problem, as there are multiple reports or versions of the same report within the environment.

At Datalogz, we call this the 'wild wild west of reports.' Even for BI folks, this problem is just as bad - redundant reports and processing are racking up computing and maintenance costs. It's even a massive data security risk.

Report sprawl undermines security, as siloed data analysts create and share reports without governance or coordination, potentially exposing sensitive corporate information.

All in all, business users lose trust in reports, or they abandon use altogether, which turns expensive BI tools into shelfware!

Through Datalogz, we aim to enable organizations to be more data driven and use data efficiently and smartly. We will help you bridge the gaps in your business intelligence tools by plugging into the metadata and logs from BI tools.

We can instantly identify duplication, misreporting, inefficient queries, anomalies in usage, and unwanted costs. Additionally, Datalogz offers a complete BI metric store to aid in creating dashboards and increasing the efficiency of BI teams.

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